Movie reviews are often rewarding for different users to help them narrow down their choices in selecting the best one to watch for the day. soap2day which is highly known for providing free links to a wide list of movies, confusions can often thrive among the users in deciding what to watch.
Some of the most sought and the most-watched among the many are as follows:
1. Return to nim's Island:
• It is one of the top viewed movies
• It was released in 2013
• The duration is only about 90 minutes
• It is capable of engaging the user with a unique island journey
2) A Dog's Journey:
• It was released in 2019
• The movie covers the life of a dog which finds its true meaning itself through humans
• It runs for 109 minutes
3) Border:
• The movie was released in 2018
• It holds the attention of the user for about 110 minutes
• It offers an unusual story of a customs officer who feels fearful about a stranger
• It will be interesting to see how the story unwinds further before the viewers

4) I feel pretty:
• The movie was released in 2018
• It presents a real-time story portraying the insecurities associated with a woman and how she manages herself
• The movie has been planned for 110 minutes
5) Enforcement:
• It is one of the latest movies released in 2020
• The movie revolves around the life of two police officers who find themselves trapped in an uneasy situation
• The movie has been designed to run for 108 minutes
6) Dark Blue:
• It is one among the older movies which have been released in 2002
• It has not lost its charm due to the highly interesting robbery story which keeps the viewer packed for nearly two hours.
7) Haunt:
• It was released in 2019
• It is a horror movie that arouses the wildest fears among the viewers
• It can keep the user engaged for 92 minutes.
8) Return to me:
• It is an old movie released in the year 2000
• It is a highly romanticized love story of a couple
• The movie has been designed for a 115 minute
9) Can you keep a secret?
• It was released in 2019
• The movie revolves around a girl who unwinds her secrets to a stranger on the plane
• It runs for about 94 minutes and has attracted a good rating.
10) August Rush:
• It was released in 2007
• The movie runs for about 117 minutes
• The story revolves around an orphan who tries to find his birth
• It has comparatively a good rating
11) Dear John:
• It was released in 2010
• It runs for about 147 minutes
• It shows the love story of a soldier and keeps the user engaged in his story.
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